Espoo School of Art to switch to distance learning for the remainder of the fall semester

Due to the severity of the coronavirus situation, in-person learning will be suspended for the time being. The school will commence distance learning on November 30.

The coronavirus situation in the metropolitan area has entered the spreading stage. On Friday, November 27, the regional coronavirus coordination group of Uusimaa introduced some new recommendations to restrain the outbreak. Due to the severity of the situation, social distancing is now highly recommended and large gatherings will be restricted.

Hence, all classes and art clubs of Espoo School of Art will switch to distance learning for the remainder of the fall semester starting next week on Monday, November 30. Each class has two or three lessons left before Christmas break. The spring semester will begin after Epiphany (January 6).

Protecting our students and their families is our number one priority. We will do everything in our power to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy. According to the official recommendations we abide by, practicing social distancing is the best way to avoid coronavirus outbreaks.

Distance learning at Espoo School of Art

Distance learning at Espoo School of Art will follow the school schedule, and classes will be taught through the Google Meet video-communication service. Teachers will invite their students to lessons via email, and classes will begin according to our regular schedule.

To make our distance learning lessons run as smoothly as possible, we ask all guardians to make sure that the student's personal contact information has been entered into the Eepos student management system. You can update your contact information by logging into Eepos using either the student's or the guardian's credentials. If you have lost or forgotten your credentials, please contact the school office at

The school will also hand out art supply kits to its students for home use when the spring semester begins. To avoid attracting large crowds, we will distribute the supply kits to each group in a predetermined order in our various locations starting on January 7.

Artwork made during the fall semester will be returned to students in the spring semester when hosting in-person gatherings is once again safe enough.

Staying safe and healthy

We wish all members of our staff and student body strength for these coming weeks. There have been no outbreaks in our community so far, and we hope that you all keep safe and healthy. Let's take care of each other!

We believe that our remote lessons will bring some joy and relief into these challenging times. Supporting children's creative activities is now more important than ever. The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People agrees with us; they recently acknowledged all teachers and principals of the basic art education institutes for visual arts that offered distance art education during the pandemic last spring with the honorable mention of The Art Educator of the Year 2020. We intend to continue offering our students high-quality art education in spite of these exceptional circumstances.

Espoo School of Art will return to in-person learning as soon as the coronavirus situation in the metropolitan area allows it. We will keep following the official instructions, we aim to adapt quickly to all changes, and we'll keep our students and their guardians informed of our situation.

Principal Maritta Poijärvi will answer all questions and inquiries regarding the coronavirus situation in Espoo School of Art, tel. 044 777 7492,

Stay safe!

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