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Espoo School of Art is an art school for children and teenagers aged 5 to 20. It offers a wide range of systematically progressing studies in visual arts and crafts.

Founded in 1979, Espoo School of Art provides supervised and comprehensive art education that supports and expands the art education in schools and grants students an excellent basis for further studies in art. The school implements the national curriculum for the comprehensive course in visual arts and crafts and the Act on basic art education. The emphasis is on creative work in the studio. Lessons, materials, and equipment are covered by a tuition fee, which is charged by semester.

The school has around 1500 students and more than ten locations around Espoo. It is run by a registered association.

Classes are available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. A typical student has one lesson a week in the afternoon or in the evening. Children aged 5–6 study are introduced to visual arts and design through play in elementary courses.

Students aged 7 to 13 study the basics of art and craft through an introduction into various different techniques. Students aged 14 to 20 hone their skills in workshops that focus on a specific technique of their choosing. Students aged 16 an older with at least three years of workshop studies under their belt may complete a final project using an artistic technique of their choosing, if they wish to.

In addition to the basic education in visual arts , Espoo School of Art organizes art clubs in local elementary schools for children aged 7 to 12. The school also hosts arts classes for toddlers and parents as well as day camps for children in the summer.

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