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Espoo School of Art is Finland's largest school of visual arts for children and teenagers. At its educational centres located throughout Espoo, it provides basic education in visual arts and handicrafts for students aged from 5 to 20.

The basic art education applied at the School of Art constitutes statutory art education taking place outside the elementary school, based on the curriculum approved by the Finnish National Board of Education, participation in which is voluntary. The teaching develops students' self-expression and artistic and technical skills, as well as their ability to understand visual culture.

The school's 1,500 students are divided into teaching groups by age. They have classes once a week in the afternoon or evening. The teaching is mainly given in Finnish, but there are also Swedish and English teaching groups.

The application period for new students is in April, but you can also inquire about available places at other times. Students aged 5–20 can start their studies at any age. You can apply to the school through the Eepos student administration system.

Espoo School of Art is headed by the rector and assistant rector, together with the Board of the school’s supporters’ association. The teachers are trained visual art teachers and other art professionals. The school's activities are financed with subsidies granted by the state and the City of Espoo, as well as by tuition fees. Learn more about tuition fees here.

In addition to basic education, Espoo School of Art organises art clubs for school children, art workshops, and art courses for children and families.

Basic studies in visual arts and crafts

In the basic education groups for visual arts and handicrafts, art is studied in an age-appropriate way. The studies progress from level to level. The aim is to support each student’s personal development.

Students aged 5–6 study in early childhood education groups, meaning in a preschool for visual arts or crafts. Early studies introduce children to artistic work through play, exploration,and observation exercises. 

The 7–13-year-old students study in basic and periodic groups. They familiarise themselves with various aspects of visual arts or crafts and practise self-expression, as well as basic techniques.  

Students over the age of 14 study in workshops of their choice, specialising in a particular field of visual arts or crafts. The students learn the chosen technique under the guidance of an expert teacher throughout the school year. 

Advanced workshop studies follow basic workshop studies. In connection with advanced studies, students can complete a thesis in an optional workshop. 

Art courses and clubs

Espoo School of Art also organises art courses and clubs that are not included in basic art studies.

Art clubs organised in primary schools in Espoo include a wide variety of fun art-related activities under the guidance of professional teachers of the School of Art. These clubs are aimed at children of primary school age.

In the summertime, Espoo School of Art organises art courses that last one week or less. Aimed at children and young people, these courses are organised at the school's own facilities.

The school also organises courses for babies and toddlers, as well as family courses where adults and children explore the world of art together. 

The current course and club offering, with registration forms, can be found in Eepos.

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