How to Apply

How to apply to Espoo School of Art

The application period for new students for the next academic year 2024–25 will begin on 9 April 2024, and admissions will be confirmed in May. 

Applying to the Espoo School of Art is done via an electronic application form in the Eepos service.

Before applying, please read the instructions on the Student's Guide page where you can find information on the school year, rules, work during lessons and other practical matters.

The application can only be filled by a student’s guardian or a student who is 18 years of age or older. The application is binding.

• The application period for new students starts in April. Those already studying at the school will choose their group first. They are also given priority over new applicants when requesting a switch to a new group.
• After this, new students are admitted to groups in the order of enrolment. The new applicant’s application will remain in a queue if there is no more room in a group. You are more likely to receive a place in a group if you choose multiple groups in the application.
• You will receive an automatic reply via e-mail from Eepos about submitting an application.
• In a separate e-mail, you will receive a confirmation if a new spot opens in a group you have applied to.

You can also apply to the school in the middle of the academic year. In this case, the available places are filled in the teaching groups. After 10 February, no new students will be accepted for the current academic year.

A student cannot be enroled in a group of students older than them, but based on a good reason, they can be accepted into a group of students younger than them. Indicate the reason in the additional information on the Eepos form.

If you have previously had a student place (for example, you have taken a break for the previous semester), apply for a place as a new student. If necessary, request a new Eepos password from the office.

The student place is granted for the entire academic year. After the autumn semester, the studies will continue automatically for the spring semester, unless the guardian or the student over the age of 18 makes a written notification of the termination of studies to the school office.

A student admitted to the school continues their studies from one academic year to the next by registering for the next academic year in the spring as a continuing student. Group change requests are sent to the school office.

The application periods for the School of Art’s courses and clubs depend on each course or club’s schedules.

Read the frequently asked questions here.

Contact details of the Espoo School of Art office:
Tue-Fri 10–15 tel. +358 44 291 4996, e-mail: