Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Welcome to Espoo School of Art! On this page, you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Applying to the School of Art

When and how do you apply to the School of Art?

– The application period for new Espoo School of Art students is in April. Teaching groups also accept new students in the middle of the academic year up until February, if there is space in the group. We recommend that you begin studies at the start of the semester. You can get more information about the situation of specific teaching groups by contacting the office of the Espoo School of Art:

The enrolment period for courses (e.g. colour baths and summer courses) depends on the time the course is organised. You can find the latest information on upcoming courses on the Courses and Clubs page (in Finnish), as well as by following the school’s announcements and social media channels.

Enrolment for all teaching groups is done in Eepos, the School of Art’s student management system.

At what age can you start basic art studies?

– The School of Art organises basic art education for 5–20-year-olds in ways best suiting each age group. You can begin your studies at any age, although carrying out the School of Art’s final project requires at least three years of workshop studies.

The students are divided into groups based on age: the youngest students work in the visual arts and crafts preschools, 7–13-year-olds in the basic and periodic groups and over 14-year-olds in the workshops. Read more about the progression of studies.

For children of primary school age, the Espoo School of Art also organises art clubs in schools, which are not included in basic art education according to the extended syllabus.

How much does studying at the School of Art cost?

– You can find the School of Art’s tuition fees here.

Does the school offer sibling discounts or other discounts?

– Sibling discounts are only offered for the Perhekuvis family course, where the discount for a sibling is 10% off the course price. The members of the supporters’ association (page in Finnish) receive a discount of 10% for short courses.

In addition, each term, the principal grants tuition reductions for financial reasons for basic visual arts and crafts education group students – read more about tuition reductions (page in Finnish). You can also click here to download and print out the form.

Where can I find current information on teaching groups and their schedules?

– The latest schedule can be found here. You can browse the place situation and meeting times of teaching groups most conveniently in the Eepos student management system.

Where are the school teaching points located?

- You can find a map of the teaching points as well as the addresses and arrival instructions here.

Can I enrol in any teaching group?

– A student can be enroled in any teaching group that is suited for their age. Exceptions include, for example, Swedish-speaking groups; otherwise, you may choose the most suitable group. Students are admitted to groups in the order of enrolment, but to ensure the continuity of studies, those already studying at the School of Art are always given priority over new applicants.

When does the academic year begin and end?

– Current information on the starting and ending dates of the academic year and holidays can be found here.

Content of studies

What is the difference between basic art education and art clubs?

– Basic education according to the extended art syllabus consists of long-term art education based on the curriculum verified by the Finnish National Agency for Education, with the aim of students’ long-term development from level to level. Read more about basic visual arts education and basic crafts (design) education.

– Art clubs organised in primary schools in Espoo bring the art hobby close to the school day of children of primary school age. They do not fall under basic art education, and their aims are more short-term than basic education, which is based on long-term development. The teachers and tools are, in part, the same as those in the School of Art’s basic education groups. Learn more about art clubs (page in Finnish).

How do the visual arts and crafts/design basic education tracks differ from one another?

– Learn more about visual arts and crafts/design basic education here.

What do crafts and design have in common?

– Espoo School of Art offers basic crafts education in accordance with the extended syllabus, which is carried out as design education at the school. In crafts, students learn and practice traditional and modern crafts methods, and teaching emphasises new technology, and crafts and design thinking.

Student matters

I did not receive my invoice, what do I do?

– Invoices are sent to the primary guardian or students over the age of 18 via e-mail. The sender of the invoice is the Eepos mailing system ( If you cannot find the invoice in your e-mail inbox or the junk mail folder, please contact the School of Art’s office:

How do I end my studies or cancel my enrolment?

– You can end, discontinue or cancel your studies by providing a written notice to the School of Art’s office: Please note that a written notice must always be provided when discontinuing studies and cancelling an enrolment. Simply not showing up is not enough, as a place that has not been cancelled will be seen as taken and will result in invoicing and a payment obligation. Read more about discontinuing or cancelling studies in the student’s guide.

What do I do if I am ill or, otherwise, unable to participate in teaching?

– Please inform the group’s teacher of absences. Read more about absences.

I would like to switch teaching groups, what do I do?

– Please contact the School of Art’s customer service, and provide the student’s name and the group they wish to switch to in the message: You can browse the place situation and meeting times of teaching groups most conveniently in the Eepos student management system.

I wish to continue my studies, but I forgot to re-enrol for the new academic year. What do I do?

– Please contact the Espoo School of Art’s customer service (