Student's instructions for continuing enrollment

Julkaistu 04.02.2020

TIME: 10.2. – 6.3.2020


For continuing enrollment you need personal codes, which are sent by email to primary guardian and to student. Codes are sent 10.2. from You can also get them from Espoo School of Art office: You will receive / have received on week 6 a newsletter (from, where is information about enrollment also in English. It may have gone to recycle bin, please check that, if you did not get it.

Continuing enrollment is done in Eepos ( by using personal codes – not as a new student. You can change the language from top of the page. Before enrollment, check your contact information and correct changed ones. We also ask about your permission to publish pictures of the student, their work and name of the student. Check that they are what you want them to be.

Cancellation of studies after spring term is also made with this application. Make sure you enroll in time, not to lose your place. Place can be cancelled for free by August, if your plans change.

Remember update your changed e-mail address. This is important, because we send autumn’s bill to that address. Use kind of e-mail address you read regularly. 18-year old student gets their bill into their own e-mail address.

If you need help, please contact office (, tel. 09 4257 8920, open Tue-Fri 10-15)



The students of the basic studies are informing if they continue or not. Groups are aging together with students, so that e.g. 7-8 years old group is becoming 8-9 years old group, there is no need to ask for change to older student’s group.

Schedule is made after continuing enrollment at beginning of April. The information of the group’s meeting time is coming at once after it is done.



Presentation of workshops and the choices of workshops in our studios are in our webpage: 


In workshop selection you can choose up to 3 choices. Think carefully also choices 2 and 3, because you don’t necessary get into your first choice. Those who already study in workshop have priority to continue. Applications that are coming in time also go before delayed ones.