Bulletin to Students and Student Guardians, 23rd March 2020

Distance learning in Espoo School of Art for all groups according to the schedule, starting from 30th March

Dear students and student guardians,

Distance learning in Espoo School of Art for all basic education groups and clubs will start on Monday 30th March 2020 according to the schedule. On our website https://www.espoonkuvis.fi/kuvisetana, we will publish, starting on Monday 23rd March 2020, learning assignments for all age groups.

Teachers will give further information about their classes and forms of distance learning by e-mail to guardians and those students over the age of 12 whose e-mail address has been given to the teacher. Distance learning schedules of day care groups will change from the normal schedule, and these groups will be informed about the new schedule separately. Outside WeeGee Exhibition Centre, we will be handing out small material packages to the students, observing the government instructions on gathering restrictions. The times will be informed later. Follow the information bulletins published on the website of Espoo School of Art.

We want to continue to offer children and youngsters quality basic education in the arts, and a long-term hobby, as well as offer families refreshing and inspiring art moments while staying at home.

Parents are welcomed to participate in art learning together with their children. Distance learning in the school of art is a possibility for parents to get excited about the diverse and exciting world of art and design, to get to know what children and youngsters are interested about, and to find a new exciting hobby in the arts for the whole family. Wishing you fruitful art moments!


Maritta Poijärvi