Reenrollment and workshop choices between 14 February and 6 March, 2023

January 26, 2023
During reenrollment, the current students of the Espoo School of Art indicate whether they will continue their studies in the coming school year. In addition, workshop-aged pupils choose their workshop.

Reenrollment for the current students of Espoo School of Art for the school year 2023–2024 begins on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. The primary guardians and students over 18 years can start registering for the next school year.

Students of early visual arts education and basic education (including those studying in the periodic groups for 12–13-year-olds) indicate whether they want to continue at the school. The meeting times of the groups will be announced at the beginning of April.

Workshop-age students (14–20-year-olds) choose a workshop for the next school year.

Those who wish to end their studies after the current spring semester may also inform the school of their decision through the reenrollment form.

How to reenroll 

Eepos credentials

To reenroll, you need personal Eepos credentials. You received the credentials during the previous reenrollment period or when you began your studies if you started mid-semester. The credentials were sent to you from the email address or If you have lost your user login and/or password, please contact the school office, 

About reenrollment in general

Log into Eepos using your credentials to complete your reenrollment – do not reapply as a new student. You may also use the reenrollment form to end your studies after the current spring semester.

Please check your contact information and update them before reenrolling. Use an email address that you check regularly so that invoices and other important messages from the school will reach you.

Read the instructions in the form carefully so that you know which group you are signing up for. Please reenroll in due time to ensure that you retain your place in next year's groups.

You may cancel your reenrollment free of charge by 21 August 2023 if you change your mind.

Remember to update your changed contact information – it is the responsibility of the guardian/pupil older than 18. This is important to ensure that your invoice will reach you. An adult student will receive a semester invoice in their own email.

If you have any questions, please contact the office, or by phone 044 291 4996 (telephone time Tue-Fri 10–15).

Reenrollment for basic education groups

Students in basic education groups will decide whether to continue or discontinue their studies in the next school year. All students will automatically be placed into groups that match their age. Register in time, as late registration may mean the termination of your group!

Reenrollment for workshops and choosing a workshop

Students aged 14–20 will choose a workshop they wish to attend in the next school year.

They can choose up to three workshop options in order of preference. Choose your second and third options carefully, for not everyone will be placed in their first-option workshop.

Students who are currently studying in workshops will be prioritized. Some workshops may be cancelled due to low interest.

The workshop descriptions and options for the teaching points can be found on the Workshops page (in Finnish).

Where possible, level or parallel groups will be set up. Not all workshops may be set up. 

Next year's schedule

The schedule for the next school year will be planned in late March. You will be notified by email.

Questions? Please contact the school office. Open from Tuesday to Friday at 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, tel. 044 2914996,