Espoo School of Art to resume in-person teaching in all classes on the 3rd of May

April 27, 2021
Distance learning for students aged 12 and older will end after the May Day weekend.
Image: Spring flowers painted in the Saunlahti school art club.

In-person teaching will resume in all classes of Espoo School of Art starting from the 3rd of May. Students aged 12 and older have been receiving distance teaching lessons since March in accordance with the coronavirus policy of the city of Espoo.

The Metrolopolitan Area coronavirus coordination group has decided that indoor recreational activities for people aged 20 and younger may resume from 3 May 2021 onward, provided that the current instructions of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland allow it and that a detailed health security plan has been submitted to the city. Espoo School of Art meets these requirements, and thus all classes may resume in-person lessons for the remainder of the spring term after the May Day weekend.

Once again, the school reminds returning students of the importance of following the school's coronavirus guidelines. Click here to read them in their entirety.

Please do not attend any in-person lessons if you are sick or experiencing symptoms of a respiratory infection. All staff members and students aged 12 and older (those born in or before 2008) are required to wear masks. Remember to wash your hands especially after sneezing, and be careful not to sneeze or cough at anyone. Maintain a safe distance to others and avoid lingering in the school before and after lessons. Follow your teacher's instructions carefully and be safe.

For further questions on Espoo School of Art's coronavirus policy, please contact principal Maritta Poijärvi:, tel. 044 777 7492

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