Apply for non-paying programme or a reduction in tuition fee by Jan 31

January 19, 2023
Return the application for tuition fee support by 31 January.

If you wish to apply for a non-paying programme or a reduction in your tuition fee, print and fill in the application for tuition fee support on the school’s website and return it to the school’s office by 31 January. Each semester, the principal grants several concessions based on the applications.

The family’s income and the size of the family are taken into account when considering the discount. The amounts of granted discounts vary. A discount or exemption from the tuition fee can only be granted to one child per family. This is to ensure that as many families as possible can benefit from the discounts. Course or club participants cannot apply for discounts.

The discount is granted per semester; a discount granted for the previous semester does not remain valid for the following semester, meaning that a new application must be submitted for each semester. Late or incomplete applications shall not be processed.

Invoices for the spring semester have been sent to the e-mail addresses of the primary guardians and adult students. The payment for one semester may be made in two instalments; the due date of the latter will be one month after the due date indicated on the tuition fee invoice.