Student's Guide

How to apply

The school year 2022–2023 begins on 23 August 2022 and ends on 21 May 2023. The application period for new students for the next academic year will begin on 11 April 2023, and admissions will be confirmed in May. You can also apply throughout the school year, until 10 February 2023, if there is room in the groups.  

Enrolment takes place in the Eepos system. The teaching groups according to the preliminary autumn 2022 curriculum and their enrolment states are also shown on the Eepos registration forms. Please read the enrolling student's instructions carefully before enrolling in teaching groups.

New applicants can apply to the school by filling in the enrolment form in Eepos. Those who are already students of the School of Art enroll in groups by logging into Eepos using the user details given at the beginning of their studies. Please do not enroll as a new student if you have previously been admitted as a student; your basic information is already stored in the Eepos system, and enrolling as a new student disturbs the system.

Students are admitted to groups in the order of enrolment, but to ensure the continuity of studies, those already studying at the School of Art are given priority in the application phase. Admissions will be confirmed in May. Those remaining in the queue will also be informed of the result of the application. Please note that the message confirming successful enrolment is not yet a confirmation of admission.

We recommend that applicants apply for several study groups (up to a maximum of three) to maximise their possibilities of getting into the School. If an applicant is admitted to a group they have marked as their second or third option, the student shall remain in the queue for their first option in case places open up in this group later. Even then, those who are already studying at the School will be given priority.

A teaching group shall be set up only if there is a sufficient number of applicants for it. Teaching groups that remain too small may be cancelled or discontinued.

If you wish to withdraw your application or end your studies in the middle of the school year, please contact the office of the School of Art ( The office is also the place where you submit your group change requests or mid-semester applications.

The application periods for the School of Art’s courses and clubs depend on each course or club’s schedules.

Tuition fees 2023

The current tuition fees for Espoo School of Art are:

Basic Arts Teaching Groups

• Early childhood education groups (ages 5-6), 2 lessons per week: €270
• Basic groups for students aged 7–10, 2 lessons per week: €270
• Basic groups for 11-year-olds, 3 lessons per week: €292
• Periodic groups (ages 12–13), 3 lessons per week: €303
• Workshops (ages 14–20), 3 lessons per week: €324
• Workshops (ages 14–20), 4 lessons per week: €391

One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

The tuition fee includes high-quality art supplies and professional teaching. In addition, the fee covers student exhibitions, the Eepos portal user account (e.g. student evaluations) as well as final work seminars, exhibitions and certificates.

Courses and clubs

• 60 min art club: €200/semester
• 90 min art club: €228/semester

Other courses: Please visit Eepos to see the prices of the currently available courses.

Payment policies

The tuition fees for the basic education groups and art clubs of the School of Art are paid at the beginning of each semester. The payment for one semester may be made in two instalments; the due date of the latter will be one month after the due date indicated on the tuition fee invoice. Course invoices will be sent to participants before the course starts.

All invoices are sent to the primary guardians of underaged students and to adult students by e-mail. The sender of the invoice is the Eepos mailing system (Eepos-postitus). If you have not received your invoice on time, please check your spam folder or contact the office of the School of Art.

Remember to pay your invoice by the due date. Also remember to submit a written notification to free up your place if you wish to cancel your enrolment or discontinue your studies, by sending an email to the school office ( If you don’t cancel your enrolment, the place in the group is considered to be filled and, consequently, you will be invoiced for it even if the student doesn’t attend any classes.

Admission to basic education groups and art clubs can be cancelled free of charge by the invoice deadline, and course admissions can be cancelled by the deadline specified in the course registration info. After these deadlines, the school will charge a partial or full fee for the cancelled activities.

Failure to pay the invoice will result in the immediate loss of the right to participate in teaching. A student whose guardian has outstanding unpaid invoices to the School of Art will not be admitted to any teaching groups.

The invoice is enforceable without a court ruling, and the unpaid tuition fee is passed onto debt collection. A student who has lost their right to study in the School of Art due to an unpaid invoice can re-apply as a new student during the next application period, if the outstanding invoice has been paid.

Discounts on tuition fees

Each semester, the rector grants tuition discounts and accepts non-paying students into basic education groups in arts and crafts on the basis of applications.

The family’s income and the size of the family are taken into account when considering the discount. The amounts of granted discounts vary. A discount or exemption from the tuition fee can only be granted to one child per family. This is to ensure that as many families as possible can benefit from the discounts. Course or club participants cannot apply for discounts.

Applications for discounts or exemptions from tuition fees must be submitted to the School of Art office by 15 September for the autumn semester and by 31 January for the spring semester.

The discount is granted per semester; a discount granted for the previous semester does not remain valid for the following semester, meaning that a new application must be submitted for each semester. Late or incomplete applications shall not be processed.

Completed applications should be delivered to the office of the School of Art. Paper application forms can be obtained from the teaching facilities and the office of the School of Art. You can also click here to download and print out the form yourself.


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