Preparing for power outages at Espoo School of Art

January 12, 2023
‍We at the Espoo School of Art are prepared for power cuts caused by the potential electricity shortage. A power shortage may be reported ahead of time nationally or regionally if the situation is predictable. A power outage can happen unexpectedly.

We ask parents to follow general information about power outages on various media platforms. In addition, we kindly ask you to update your contact information (working telephone number and email) in Eepos. Make sure your child is wearing enough warm outdoor clothes on their way to the School of Art.

If the power outage is announced ahead of time in the Espoo area, the School of Art will not organise activities on the day in question for safety reasons. We will inform about the cancellation of the teaching via Eepos mailing and on the website. The teacher is not present at the school at the time. There will be no substitute classes.

Unforeseen power outages are also possible. In such situations, we may not be able to send you notices. The teacher will be present at the school during an unforeseen power outage. The teacher will send the students home who are going to their hobbies independently. Parents of younger students pick up the children from the school.

Kind regards,

Maritta Poijärvi


044 777 7492