Summer Courses 2024

Welcome to the Espoo School of Art summer courses!

The courses for school children at the Espoo School of Art are a great way to enjoy the summer holidays with fun art and design activities. The courses will take place at various locations over the first two weeks of June and in August before school starts.

Our course instructors include the top teachers of our school and a diverse group of art professionals. The participants have access to our school’s unique facilities and professional-grade materials and equipment. The participants’ skill level will be considered at all courses.

Courses are aimed at school children over 7 years of age who have completed first grade.

Short summer courses run from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Participants bring their own lunch for these courses.‍

Long summer courses are held from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. These courses include a hot lunch and a snack.

Summer 2024 Special Courses:
- My nature book course at Villa Eflvik in Laajalahti, price 350 €.

We will confirm the availability of the courses at least three weeks before the course starts. Course invoices will also be sent at that time. A sufficiently large group size is required for the courses to take place. Courses that are too full may be cancelled, in which case any course fees already paid will be refunded to the participants. Cancellations must be made 14 days before the start of the course. We reserve the right to make changes.

Please consult last year's Participant Information Package 2023 here.

Registration for the summer 2024 courses takes place in the Eepos portal.

Course information in Finnish here.

Enquiries, group changes & cancellations:

Summer course for children over 8 years old 3.-7.6.2024 at 9-16 in Tapiola.

Tarinalliset talot
Houses with stories

€ 405

During the summer course, you can build and design characters and furniture from different materials. We will create a miniature space where even your characters will feel at home. Is it a garage, a hut or a miniature world? We will design by drawing and painting. We will build with cardboard and recycled materials and decorate with style. We will animate spaces with lights and characters in motion. For the animation, we will use iPads from the School and Istopmotion app.
The price includes a lunch and a snack.
Summer course for 7-10 year olds Mon-Fri 3.-7.6.2024 at 9-16 in Tapiola.

Style magicians – world of accessories and jewellery

€ 405

What does a pirate hide in a treasure chest? And what kind of emblem would you put on the shirt of your team or your favourite band? During the course we will create accessories, jewellery, trophies, medals and small objects. You will learn different crafting techniques, design basics and creative crafts. Activities will be inspired by fairy tales and stories. Join us to create your own summer style and enjoy the creative atmosphere! All supplies and materials for the course are available from the School of Art. The price includes a lunch and a snack.
Summer course for 7-12 year olds Mon-Fri 3.-7.6.2024 at 10-14 in Tapiola.

Suuri noitataideseikkailu
The Great Witchcraft Adventure

€ 205

During the summer course we will do witchcraft and magic themed visual activities by drawing, painting and building with different materials. During the course, we will make our own magic wands, design a new logo for the witch school and explore a wide range of legendary creatures.
Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for 9-11 year olds Mon-Fri 3.-7.6.2024 at 10-14 in Tapiola.

Liikkuva kuva luonnossa
Moving image in nature

€ 205

During the course, we will move around in nature with the camera and shoot small animations with different techniques on the School tablets. Timelapse shows the dancing movements of grass in the wind, the opening of flower petals to sunlight and how the sun rises and sets in the sky in different colours. We create a stop-motion journey of the photographer's movements on a nature trail, bring objects to life in the forest and record how a drawing comes to life!
Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for 9-12 year olds Mon-Fri 3.-7.6.2024 at 10-14 at Åberg Children's House in Leppävaara.

Pehmojen maailma
The world of soft toys

€ 205

Welcome to play together! We will explore different soft materials with experimental visual arts and crafts techniques. We will make different soft objects and works from textiles, recycled materials and wool. On the course, you can make a soft sculpture, a small garment for your own soft toy or give your own clothes a new look. At the same time, you will learn new methods and how to apply them creatively! If the weather allows, we will also create an outdoor artwork in the yard of the Åberg Children's House and reflect on what softness can really mean. You do not need any previous experience in visual arts or crafts to join the course. Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for over 7-year-olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 at 9-16 in Tapiola.

Mennään metsään
Let's go to the forest

€ 405

This summer course includes short excursions to parks near the teaching point. We will paint, draw and make clay works outdoors. We will photograph the wonders of the forest and make a pixel animation. When the weather is bad, we'll try out some amazing natural colours and build sculptures from natural materials at the teaching point. The price includes a lunch and a snack.
Summer course for 10-14 year olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 from 9-14 at Villa Elfvik in Laajalahti.

Oma luontokirjani
My Own Book of Nature

€ 350

During the course, we will explore nature around the Villa Elfvik Nature House and work outside, weather permitting. We will experiment with different painting and photography techniques. During the course, participants will compile their own unique nature book from their work, which they will receive at the end of the course. The price includes a lunch (no snack). The course takes place at Villa Elfvik in Laajalahti (Elfvikintie 4, Espoo).
Summer course for over 10-year-olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 at 10-14 in Tapiola.

Pixel magic

€ 205

During the course we will practice digital art skills by drawing, painting, manipulating images and animating with iPads. The course will also experiment with the use of artificial intelligence in artistic work. The course is suitable for both digital drawing beginners and more experienced digital artists. You will use the School's iPads and digital pens. Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for over 11-year-olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 at 10-14 in Tapiola.

Virittäydy virtuaalitodellisuuteen
Tune in to virtual reality

€ 205

Have you already visited virtual reality? Go on a sensory journey! During the course, we will learn about the techniques of shooting and viewing virtual reality, and we will shoot VR videos together with a 360 camera. We'll also build VR glasses out of cardboard, suitable for our own mobile phones, so we can experience the virtual reality we've created! Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for 8-10 year olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 at 10-14 at Åberg Children's House in Leppävaara.

Kesän ihmeet
The wonders of summer

€ 205

What do a dandelion or an ant think about summer? Can you find treasures on the garden path? During the course, we will wonder and study summer as a season, and work on our observations with different artistic methods. We will draw and paint summer, build about summer, collect and can it. You will also have the opportunity to make your own summer book or other small summer keepsake. Welcome to dive into summer together! Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for over 12-year-olds Mon-Fri 10.-14.6.2024 at 10-14 in Olari.

Luontopaikat ja läsnäolon taide
Natural places and the art of presence

€ 205

Come and explore different places of nature in a multi-sensory and art-making way. During the course we will approach image-making through movement or sensory perception, for example. We will strengthen our presence skills and let our own experiences become visible art. At the same time, we listen to what is happening inside ourselves and what themes are present in the emerging art. The course can help you discover new themes and ways of making art. We will use a variety of materials and move from one art form to another.
A summer course for children over 7 years old from 29.7.-2.8.2024 at 10-14 in Tapiola.

The Art Lab

€ 205

What happens when science is brought into the visual arts classroom? Find out in this summer course combining art and science! We will explore the forces of nature and miniature worlds using diverse and experimental visual art techniques. We will build water vessels, take microscopic pictures, paint with indicators, mould clay works into nature and use digital techniques to bring the invisible world into view - not forgetting traditional drawing! We will also take short field trips into the local nature. Bring your own lunch.
Summer course for over 13-year-olds Mon-Fri 29.7.-2.8.2024 at 9-16 in Tapiola.

Video Art

€ 405

What is video art? A film without rules! In this course, we make moving images where only your imagination is the limit! You can make video art alone or together, shoot it like a film, use pre-existing material, create an image with artificial intelligence, combine animation or even be completely abstract. We will explore experimental film and video art and different ways of presentation. During the course, we will create our own video artworks and install them in a space. You will have access to the equipment and software of the School, but you can also use your own if you wish. The price includes a lunch and a snack.